Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Simplify: Week 4

Yes, I'm finally joining in with Project Simplify over at Simple Mom...I've been meaning to be a part of it from the beginning...

However, the first weeks hot spot had been done the month before when we moved, so I escaped closet has stayed well organized since moving in(mostly in part to being in maternity clothes, of which I have very few).  The second hot spot, however was one I should've done and did work on some, just not enough to participate fully.  I was amazed at how quickly we had accumulated paper in the short 2 months of being in our new home.  I'm still working my way through some of it...I just need to find a home for some items still(ones that can't be thrown out). Hot spot 3 was kid's clothes and toys...we had just done this one as well when we moved 2 months ago, though I again went through their clothes and purged what wasn't worn or was too small all ready.  And dh just finished some shelves in our toy area so when we put away more toys, puzzles and art supplies(some that had still been in boxes since our move in January) we did purge more, but that was just this week.

But my kitchen...oh...

Yes, we just moved in 2 months ago, but after having used my kitchen for that time frame I realized that it just wasn't working like I wanted it too.  It was time for a rearrange(all ready!).  I have been thinking for about 2 weeks or so now that I need to move things around to make better use of the space, since it's so much more than we had in our previous apartment, but yet still felt small.  So last night I went to town rearranging (and seeing other kitchens on Simple Mom motivated me and gave me ideas of how to better organize). So here are the before and afters...

 Turned to this: (Please ignore the pile of chocolate chips thrown in after my shopping trip today):
I have a lot more room in here and I'm not sure what I'll do with it(things just seem to get lost in the abyss of the corner cabinet.)



became this: (yes, crowded, but much better use of the space and now I have all my baking ingredients and tea by the stove and my mixer.)(Sorry for the crooked picture.)


is now this: (again, easier for us to use since we don't have much in the way of snack foods)

This:(which I hated...since I have so many types of flours)

now stores pots and pans(some are in the sink, dirty) much more functional, especially since this is closer to our stove

than this cabinet...which is now housing most of what was in the corner cabinet, with room to see it all and for more when needed)

Now off to work on my refrigerator(and spice cabinet), which is in desperate need of wiping out all ready.  How do they get so gross so quickly?!