Monday, June 21, 2010

On being Alaskan

I realize every year that I become more and more Alaskan.

When it comes to summer Alaskans are crazy.  The sun comes out and nobody is indoors.  One never knows if today might be the last day of warmth and sunshine.  So, out we enjoy as much sun and warm weather as we will get.

I love this about Alaska.  And if I were to ever move outside(meaning out of Alaska) it would be a habit hard to break.  If we moved to a very sunny place I think my house would implode due to lack of cleaning and upkeep.  I must continue to work on my morning routine so that the house at least stays presentable.

So tomorrow I'm hoping to make sure to at least do my dishes and pick up the things on the floor and then unless it's raining I'm taking the kids on a hike.

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