Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting anew

Starting fresh with blogging this year and hoping my computer will cooperate with me so I don't have to continue posting from my phone.

I'm wanting to get back to the simple things in life...get back to appreciating my kids and my Dh, get back into our homeschooling(after a morning sickness break and then the holidays), make sure I take care of myself, my kids, the house.

We have a few changes coming in the next few months. The first being a move which I'm dreading and looking forward too. It's not a far move fortunately and we will finally be homeowners which is exciting. But packing and unpacking is always painful yet so good for purging and cleaning.

Our next big change won't be until May when a new little boy will join our growing family. I'll be very grateful to be in our own place when he joins us.

There will be more posting and hopefully not in 3 months from now like this post.

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