Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Links

A few different things I've been reading this week...lots on homeschooling as we get back into the swing of it after a long break at the end of last year...

Enjoying the series "A Day in the Life" at Simple Homeschool.

Another, oh yay, I'm not alone in my relaxed homeschooling blogpost.

Found this new blog on Leadership Education and how it looks for one family.  Am loving looking around and reading about all they do and have done.

Enjoying this blog as well and the funschooling that goes on at her house...and I can see us in it in some ways...especially with boy #3 on the way soon.

Raising Homemakers- a new way of looking at correction...I wonder if it will help my 6 year old stop whining and whimpering when getting her hair brushed?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by. :) And congratulations on boy #3. Looks like we have the same gender pattern. :D