Thursday, May 27, 2010

My journey into Babywearing

Babywearing...wearing your baby...carrying your baby, hands free. 

My journey into babywearing...
Well, when the princess was born the Baby Bjorn had just started to really gain popularity in the US so of course that is what I had.  It worked well...especially since I didn't know about any other carriers...but I could only carry her in it until she weighed about 15 or so pounds because it started to hurt my back and shoulders.  After she was too big for it I just stopped wearing her.

Then comes the pilot...I found out about the Moby wrap from a forum I was on. I was getting ready to fly south(12-14 hour total trip time) with two young kids on my own(a 2 year old and a 2 month old) and wanted to know the best way to fly without taking my stroller.  The Moby wrap was wonderful!  It saved me on this trip.  The pilot was wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug the entire trip!  I only took him out to nurse him and change his diaper.  Being totally hands free left me able to keep the princess entertained and happy and kept the pilot happy since he was snuggled in so close to mama.

Here is the pilot in the Moby at around 4 months:

I loved the Moby but then the pilot grew and the Moby was just too stretchy to be comfortable so I started looking around at what else I could use.  I soon found an Ergo.  I bought it from a local retailer who was very helpful in showing me exactly how it can be used. It is incredibly versatile in that you can wear your baby on your front, back or hip. It was great!  Made for quick and easy shopping trips since I could put him on so quickly and he stayed more content on my back(or my front) then he did in the cart(it doesn't help to have a big sister that picks on you).

Then when the pilot was almost 18 months I bought a wrap, an Earthy Rainbow by Girasol...and fell in love with wrapping.  The pilot was at an age where he didn't want to be worn much but I knew I would use it again since not long after that I found out I was pregnant with guy smiley.

Here is the pilot in Earthy Rainbow and the princess in our Ergo

Guy smiley was wrapped from the start and I loved how much closeness and freedom it gave me. He would be snuggled up close and I was hands free to do what I needed.

The first time he was wrapped:

One of the first time I wrapped in on my back:

I now own a few wraps and am using them less and less these days as guy smiley gets more mobile.  We still use them on occasion along with our Ergo.  I love babywearing and can't say enough good things about it.

Oh and wraps make great dresses too...

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*Please no harsh words about not buying another seat for our babies and taking on their carseats.  It is just not feasible for us to afford an extra seat on the plane as it is quite expensive to fly from Alaska to the lower 48.  
*Baby Bjorn, Moby, Girasol, Didymos and Ergo have no idea who I am and are not compensating me for talking about their products.

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