Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursdays + a few pictures

I'm thankful for...
71. The joy of my kids over their new bikes.
72. Lessons of life they are learning...even though they are sad.
73. The love my kids have for each other (when riding bikes today the pilot fell over on his and the princess helped him up, when we asked what happened the princess said "I helped him up because that's what brothers and sisters do".)
74. The honesty of the princess.
75. How much my dh plays with my kids.
76. Guy smiley's squinty smiles.
77. A wonderful group of girl friends.
78. The fresh green leaves on the trees...oh spring how I love thee.
79. The calm after 2 days of high winds.
80. Quiet, peaceful evenings.

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holy experience

And now for they are enjoying their new bikes today(Wed).  The bikes that neither will be able to ride tomorrow(Thurs) because one was caught with her thumb in her mouth and the other decided he didn't like his bike and would rather have his bobby.  

The princess is incredibly sad over the loss of her bike privileges for tomorrow.  She broke into tears when I told her no bike since her thumb was in her mouth.  She cried for a good 20 minutes and then when having prayer time with dh said "Jesus, I pray I have a good day tomorrow even though I can't ride my bike." Pause, sniffling and some tears.  "That makes me sad just saying it." 

It makes me so sad for her since I know how much she was enjoying her bike today.  But I'm hoping this serves as a helpful reminder for her to stop sucking her thumb.

The pilot on the other hand was gung ho about not using his bobby.  Then he got in bed.  Then he got out of bed.  He came out of his room and said "I don't like my bike." "I want my bobby."  And both dh and I asked him multiple times if he was sure as once he had bobby back there would be no bike tomorrow.  But he was adamant that he didn't want his bike.

Let's just say I'm not looking forward to tomorrow and how he will feel about tonight's decision then. 

But back to the least they were able to enjoy them today for a while. (And one of guy smiley just because it's cute.)

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