Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New phones

So dh and I are looking into getting new phones...our plan is up for renewal and our current phones are a hand-me-down and a cheapo old phone.  (My new phone is partly a Mother's Day present as well.)

I find that I'm being sucked into wanting an iPhone.

Wait...sucked in is not quite the right term...I just flat out think they are cool and want one. (Yes, I admit to being a sucker.)

What I find is a battle going on in my mind between what I want and what is practical.  An iPhone...not practical...at least not necessary in the least for me.  Plain, boring, somewhat cheap feeling flip phone...practical, smarter option.

Now to preface, we are not big gadget people...we do not have a HD TV or blu-ray or Tivo or even cable for that matter...we don't even have bunny ears.  Our TV is probably 5 or 6 years old and huge.  As for current cell phones we have an older Samsung flip phone and a Nokia brick phone.  As for other gadgets...we don't own a laptop or any game players besides the original XBox which is almost never played.  We do have iPods, original and Nano....and that's about the extent of our gadgets.  Oh and a Canon Rebel XTi because we wanted to be able to take really great pictures of our kids.

So the fight still rages...fun vs practical.

And I laugh, because in the larger scheme of things this is a small, minute, insignificant decision.  Doesn't matter in the long run at all.

Any other perspectives or advice?

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