Friday, December 11, 2009


Well not really results but a quick overview of how the day went...

First off...I did not get up early.  I slept until the kids woke up but woke up in a good mood since I went to bed at a decent hour.  We stayed home thru guy smiley's morning nap(which was way too short, but that's another story).  Then we headed to the grocery store(instead of the gym).  During nap we did get the kid's room a bit picked up and I did the dishes and cleaned off the stove.  So I was happy with how the morning went. 
The rest of the day went fine...I put groceries away right after I got home(which sadly is good for me).  Then it was naptime and I relaxed a bit.  Then when the princess and guy smiley got up I popped a chicken in the oven for dinner and the princess and I made a paper chain for decoration.  Once all 3 were up we went and folded and put away some laundry. 
I'm realizing that I do best when I just start my day off moving...when I sit for a lot in the morning I just keep on really is sad I know.  Now tomorrow to just add in reading time...which should be easy to do since we are planning on the library after the gym:-)

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