Wednesday, December 16, 2009


We've been getting lots of snow this's wonderful!  This morning the pilot was watching the plow truck in our driveway and as the guy is plowing he says "It is amazing!"  So cute!
Since it's been snowing we've been trying to get out and play in it.  Monday we went hunting for our Christmas tree.  We borrowed a friends snow machine(snow mobile for you non-Alaskans:-) and took it out and hunted in the woods for our tree.  We had a blast, all 5 of us, out in the snow.  Dh and one kid rode the machine while the other 3 of us rode in the sled behind it.  And we found a fabulous tree!  We will be decorating it tomorrow evening and I'll take pictures of it after that and post them.  But here are some pictures from our Monday adventures!



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  1. Those pictures are wonderful. Snow - I envy you! Truely beautiful, what a great memory.