Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sleepovers with Daddy

I love listening to my husband and the kids interact...especially on sleepover nights. It's become tradition for him to sleep in their room during the work week(this is due to a baby that sleeps in our room and not through the night yet and a very early morning for my husband so a good nights rest is crucial). They've started having quiz time nightly. DH(Dear Husband) quizzes them on all sorts of things but typically movies that they've seen. And nightly I get involved by being the third party answer when they are either stumped or arguing over an answer.
Tonights involvement:(See below for the answers.)

What is the name of Cinderella's dog?

Previous questions that I have either answered or had to look up:

What is the name of the cat on Curious George(the PBS kids show)?
What is the name of the big red tractor on Cars?
What is the name of the Doorman on Curious George(PBS kids show)?

Can you answer any of these?

But back to the post...

I love that DH has these special things that he does with the kids. He is an amazing Dad and I love watching how he interacts with them.

1. Bruno
2. Gnocchi
3. Frank
4. Doorman

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