Thursday, September 2, 2010

A new adventure...

So we have started a new adventure this week...Homeschooling!

So far so good...for the most part.  I have been enjoying it so far, though I can't tell if the Princess is.  Though when I have asked her she said she does...but she seems to use quite a few excuses if she's not really wanting to do any of her work. 

I find it amusing since she's not working alone...I'm right there with her and typically she LOVES it if I join her in what she's doing.  And if any of my children likes to be social and always with people, it's her.  Maybe part of it is just the transition...from playing and having fun all day to having to sit and work.  Maybe it's just the sitting still and being focused part.  Oh wait, she can do that for her doll stickers and her it's probably the school work.

Some things from this past week:
-Constant fidgeting/moving...seriously, I do NOT know how a Kindergarten teacher does it.  And I'm not even wanting her to be completely still...I just want her to actually be looking at what she's doing.

-Just guessing on words...instead of actually looking at what letters the word is made of.  For instance her list of words to read was something like hat, man, fan, cat, Dan, rat.  And she would read hat, mat(me asking her to read it again...about 2 or 3 times before she actually sees that the last letter is not the same as the word before), man, fan, can(more correction, multiple times over) get the picture.  Thankfully it wasn't frustrating for me or her...we just laughed and she fixed it and we moved on.  But I do find it amusing that it's natural to try and do things the easy way instead of doing it right or trying hard the first time.

-Needing to rest...WHAT? do know that means doing nothing while laying on the couch right?  Oh, you mean you just don't want to start your writing right now...I get it.

Overall I'm enjoying to really get into a good routine and help the boys figure out what the morning or sometimes the afternoon will look like for them.

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