Friday, September 10, 2010


Aka...Hiking the Butte with friends.

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Alaska. And when it's sunny and warm(warm being 65* and up) we have to get out and enjoy it.

Especially after a very wet and cloudy summer...we even broke a record this summer. Most days in a row of measurable rain...the old record was 27's now 31 days. Yes, we haven't had much sun and now fall is here.

Back to the subject at hand. I love our hike counts as PE for my daughter...but I really love that we were out enjoying God's creation and the amazingness of this area we live in.

Here are some fun pictures we have of the hike.

On the way up...
Looking for grasshoppers with his cousins
Found one!
Jumping!  That's a glacier in the background.
We made it!
My SIL and DH's cousin...and of course guy smiley.
My family minus DH plus SIL
Back at the bottom...puddles + kids = FUN
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