Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Can I do it??  Obviously not yet.

Haha.  I'm laughing to myself while reading my post from August 3rd.  I obviously have not blogged in a month...how's that for consistency in blogging?

I'm going to restart that challenge again. I'm learning that failure is not the end.  I can try again.

So far I'm doing well this month(for me...my goal is 2-3 posts a week, if more great!)...it helps to sit down and write when the urge hits...as long as it's not while doing school with my daughter.  So in those instances I've been writing down any ideas that have come to me.

As to the morning challenge...it was on and off for the month of August...I would have to say it was half and half.  If I did get upbefore my kids, it typically ended up being only 15 minutes before guy smiley was up.  He's my early riser...while the other two will sleep in.  I'm hoping when our new blinds come this will help him sleep a bit longer since his room will be darker.

This challenge will continue on as well.  I'm really finding I need it for my sanity and my stability during the day.  I find I am a much better mom, teacher, housekeeper, cook and wife when I get up and take some time, even 5-10 minutes for myself.  I am able to read my Bible some and pray before the day and what it will bring starts.  And I know it will be especially important as we have started school now.

So there it is...an update and new start...

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