Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At 8 months...

Today is guy smiley's 8 month in honor of that...
I'm stealing from a friend...Thank you Simone for this idea!  I hope you don't mind my copying...

At 8 months...

You are sitting, crawling, and pulling yourself up to standing.

You have no teeth, though it looks like you may get your two bottom teeth in the next few weeks.

You are still working on sleeping through the night...we'll get it soon.  But you are taking great naps...mostly 2 of them sometimes 3.

You just got over the chicken pox.  Hopefully you won't have to get them again.

You love your tongue.  You bite it, chew on it and sometimes suck on it.

You are learning to wave and you love watching your hands.

You love "chasing" your brother and sister, while they laugh hysterically at you and often call you a bear or lion since you are "chasing" them.

You are wearing size 12 months clothes...yes you are my biggest baby yet and I love it!

We've decided to nickname you "Hoover" since you like to find whatever you can on the ground to pick up and put in your mouth.  I can't remember how many things I had to fish out of your mouth just today.

You love to especially love bananas, refried beans, and carrots and peas out my chicken soup.

You are the happiest baby and I love cuddling with you before naps and bedtime!

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