Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm selfish.  There I said.  It's the truth though.  I am totally selfish with my time.  It doesn't make me happy.  It usually makes me feel guilty.  I miss out on life by being selfish.   I miss out on spending time with my kids, who will never be this age again.  I miss out on the things I can learn from them, from how they live life so simply and fully.  I miss out on time with my husband and on how much better our relationship could be if I took the time.  I miss out on a closeness to God who just wants me to spend time with Him.

How do I change this?  How do I make new habits? 

I have to choose daily.  I have to choose to step away from the computer and play with my kids.  I have to choose not to be upset when I'm woken up at 3am because someone needs to go potty or needs their paci.  I have to choose to talk with my husband and not read a book.  I have to choose to get up early so that I can spend time with God, reading his word and praying. 


We have them all the time and they shape our lives, our attitudes, our destinies.  Now to choose each day, throughout the day, that which has the greatest value.   

What do you choose each day?

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