Thursday, November 19, 2009

Joy of Nursing

Earlier this evening I was sitting nursing Caedmon, I looked down and he was gazing up at me. As soon as we made eye contact he smiled with that sweet little smile of his.  It is amazing and always so sweet and tender when we have those moments and it is a bond that's unlike any other. 

I have nursed three children now.  I enjoy it more with each child.  With my daughter I did it because I knew it was best for her and it saved us money. After a while I began to enjoy it as I realized the bond that resulted.  Then with my boys I have pretty much enjoyed it from the start.  It is a comfort to my babies and makes me stop, sit and take time to enjoy them.  Not to mention all the health benefits to both mom and baby.

Here and here are two great sites that have a lot of helpful information on breastfeeding.  Here is a great article on how breastfeeding benefits babies and here's one on how it benefits moms. 

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