Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be posting on this blog. I haven't decided whether it will be on just one or two things or a plethora of things. I may just post whatever is the dominating thought for the day...whether that's on parenting, relationships, health, food, etc...we'll see. Today...

I've been thinking about health mostly. We have the chicken pox here again...it's Pilots's turn now. He's broken out badly...his case is looking like it will be worse than Princess's. And hopefully Guy Smiley stays well. Not only that but Pilot has a fracture in his lower forearm. We'll have to take him to see an Orthopaedist to get it checked and see whether a cast is needed or not.
I also took Guy Smiley to a well baby check..a late 6 month check. He's a tank of a boy...with his height and head circumference being over the 95 percentile. He's a great eater and such a sweet boy. But while there (he sees a naturopath) I was able to borrow a few books from their lending library on gluten free eating and such. We are really needing to be wheat/gluten free all the time here. We don't do too badly when it comes to keeping the kids off of it but I'm horrible at keeping myself off of it. We'd all do even better if we limited our dairy intake as well. So I'm hopeful I'll get some more recipes and more motivation to go off wheat and gluten completely all the time. I'm sure I would feel better if I did and I know the kids do better without it.

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