Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 2

So I promise to not talk in terms of my goals everyday...but since I'm at the beginning of them it will be more frequently for a bit.

I was up and out of bed today by 630, so 10 minutes earlier than yesterday.  I could've been out of bed by 610 because guy smiley woke me up but instead rested for 20 more minutes.  I do like getting up early and even though my eyes feel a bit tired when I wake up, the rest of me feels well rested. So maybe 6ish is a natural time for my body to get up.  It does help that it the sun is coming up when I get up.  I love Alaska in the summertime...all the light is wonderful!

We(dh and I) have partially started implementing our new eating style.  We know tomorrow we won't be completely on it so we planned that in and said our official start date would be Monday.  But since yesterday was shopping day all my grocery shopping was geared towards it.  And both of us have all ready begun cutting out our sugar and grain intake.

Speaking of grocery it just me or are groceries expensive?  Especially organic or all natural food products and produce?  Maybe it because of where I live but man, grocery store days are frustrating for me because it seems like I can't get ahead and so all my budgeted money flies out the door the first day(buying things we need, I really am not wasting it...dh looked over my receipts).  Then by the time two weeks is up we are scrounging...I find it very frustrating.  But last night, driving home from the grocery store(my second trip of the day...first was to another store with all the kids) I realized that I needed to be thankful even through my frustration.  So that's what I did...and while I still feel frustrated I do feel better.  So I'm going to work on continuing that thankfulness and see how it changes my outlook on groceries.

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