Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning...

I decided to Spring Clean this year!  Wait, I probably shouldn't sound so excited. 

Usually though I just use moving as my purging and deep cleaning time...but then I never get to enjoy the thoroughly cleaned(and hopefully less cluttered) house.  This year I hope to enjoy my very clean house.

Like I said in my previous post I really don't have tons to purge, due to moving so often.  But I'm guessing once I get started I'll find more than I think.  I all ready know I want to be brutal when it comes to purging kids toys...even if I'm attached I plan on getting rid of toys that they just don't play with.  I know that more things will be coming in since we are almost positive that we will be homeschooling next year. 

Today I didn't get much done...I went through a few boxes in our garage that I've had sitting there, half filled with stuff that I plan on taking to the second hand store.  I added a few more items to it and put it all in one box instead of having it in four boxes.  I also sorted through tons of old paper mess I had filed away(bills, instruction manuals, etc).  I opened up an entire file container!  I plan on getting rid of more paper mess when I tackle my computer area(the messiest area in my home).  I also went through our small toy bin in the living room and got rid of some baby toys that we don't need(though I guess I might need to think of saving some of the little baby toys since we're not decided on whether or not we're done having kids.)

I'm looking forward to a clean house at the end of the week! 

Also feel free to follow along at Simple Mom for Spring Cleaning Week which is what I'm doing.

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