Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An update of sorts

Currently, as I type this blog post, it's snowing outside my window.  Yes, that's how life is here in the Great White North...Spring is a mere phantom, a tease, until sometime around mid May. (And while most people up here call it summer, I cannot.  I know what a "real" summer is and this state just doesn't have it.)  I hope one day in the very near future that dh and I will be moving south. 

As for Spring's moving along slowly, which I don't mind and somewhat expected to happen due to multiple, small interruptions otherwise known as my children.  I'm almost finished with the kid's room and their closet(yes, all three are in the same room...sort of...we're currently transitioning guy smiley into the room).  The only thing I have left to do is wash the window and clean the mirror.  Here are some before and afters:






 As for my April goal of rising early...I have failed in doing so these past 3 days. It's dh's weekend so that always makes it harder for me to go to bed early and therefore to get up early.  But, honestly, I'm using that as an excuse.  I'm just being lazy because I'm tired and dragging myself out of bed at 6:30 sounds miserable and staying up later to hang out with my dh is fun.  I'm purposing to start up again tomorrow and it helps that I MUST be out the door by 9.  

On Monday, my dh kicked me out of the house.  I had been in a horrible mood all morning and he told me to leave the house or he was.  It was just what I needed...time to myself with nothing to do.  I hope to do this more often.  I went to a local coffee shop, had a wonderful cup of tea(I don't drink coffee) and read and journaled uninterrupted.  It felt wonderful to have a time to recharge my batteries.  I don't know why I don't do it more often...I found that I felt bad, guilty asking my dh to watch the kids.  Why is that?  He is their Dad.  But I still did.  Do any of you feel that way?  Or am I alone in this?

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  1. Great job! Come link up with one of these posts and/or if you have some cleaning advice to share, or what you learned this week!

    Thanks friend :-)