Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 1 Overview

Today is the start of week 2!  I'm actually excited about this...and I'm excited about getting up early still!  I'm loving it and wondering why I never had the stamina/determination to do it before.  The peace and stillness in the morning is like no other, watching the sun rise over the mountains every morning is breathtaking.  I get time to sit and journal, read my Bible, pray and listen to what God has for me each day.  I get to enjoy my nice hot cup of tea by myself(any parents will understand how wonderful this is).  And I'm able to blog consistently and more easily when I do it first thing.  And once my kids are back in there room(hopefully tonight) I'll be able to get a shower in without waking anyone and will be ready for the day when my kids wake up. Who knew mornings could be so exciting! 

As for week 1 of our Primal hasn't fully taken hold.  We've had 3 sickies(2 kids and dh) in the house and so I've made some biscuits since they've been wanting bread while sick(a stomach bug).  Even though I haven't gone fully on the Primal diet I have cut back significantly in the amount of grains and sugar I eat.  Now I need to cut back on portions and snacking...just because I can tell I tend to eat from boredom(just a snacky feeling) rather than hunger.

As for the "Get Dressed Challenge"  I'll address that in another post...

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