Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My short absence

It has been a hard past few days for me...that is the reason for no blogging. 
I came down with mastitis over the weekend(yes, guy smiley is still nursing at 13 months).  Mastitis is NOT fun.  This is the second time I've had it with guy smiley and it just knocks me out.  I get a fever, chills, body aches...it's like the flu just without the snot or stomach issues.  I'm completely better now.
Add the mastitis to the fact that I've just been feeling down and have also been extremely tired(most likely the reason for the mastitis) and I've just not been a fun person to be around. I have also not been sticking with any of my goals and that always makes me feel guilty.  But I refuse to stay in that place of feeling guilty as I have been freed from guilt by Jesus.  I will start fresh today.
I was fortunate to be able to hang out with some great friends this weekend and that was wonderful as I am a people person.  We(and our kids) had fun just hanging out.  On one of our outings(the kids and mine) among three moms there were 11 kids.  Needless to say it was a bit crazy but tons of fun. 
It's also been overcast here with off and on rain or snow for a while now.  I hate to say it but the weather definitely affects me.  After it's been cloudy for a week straight I start to get depressed.  The sun is just good for my soul.
Today the sun has broken through the clouds and all ready my day feels SO much better.


  1. I've only had mastitis once...and let me tell you ...OW, OW, OW. Praying you regain your health quickly.

    In Jesus there is no guilt. Alleluia!

    I'm glad it's sunny for you today. It's amazing how that really helps to lift moods.


  2. I had mastitis late in my nursing experience, too. It is truly horrible! I'm glad you're feeling better now. :)

  3. Rachel and Erin- Man, it's horrible...I had forgotten how bad it was. Thanks for stopping by!